Knife Sharpening & Engraving

    Knives may be brought into the store for sharpening. Depending on the number of knives you bring, we may be able to finish them while you wait. Otherwise, knives may be dropped off and picked up on a later date.
    "Walk-ins" are welcome, but we highly suggest that you call and make an appointment. That way we will be sure to be available to sharpen your knives. If you do not make an appointment, we cannot guarantee we will be able to do them while you wait. Thank you! (302) 349-4070


Pocket Knives
Single blade $2.00
2 blades $3.00
3 blades $4.00
4 blades $5.00

Small $2.00
Large $3.00
Tanto Points add $1.00

Small $3.00
Large $3.50
Guthooks $2.00
Broadheads $2.50

Paring $2.00
Boning $3.00
Chef’s $4.00
Slicers $4.00
Bread $4.50

Wood Carving
Knives $3.00
Chisels $3.00
Hand Plane $3.00
Gouges $4.00

Paper & Fabric $8.00
Lg. Scissors $9.00
Hair Cutting $12.00

Machete $6.00
Hatchet $4.50
Axe $5.50
Survival $3.50 and up

*Prices may vary depending on the knife sharpened.
We sharpen a larger selection than that which is listed here.
Feel free to call if you have any questions.

(302) 349-4070

Other services we offer are:


We are able to engrave names and dates on knives. We only engrave on knives purchased from our store.

Prices for Engraving:

$4.00 - Set Up Fee
$.25/per character

Example - 3 initials would cost $4.75